Here are some great articles from Carp anglers all around the world. If you would like to see yourself here , let us know !

Fishing at Llyn y Gors

Phil Baillie`s account of his visit to this nice fishing spot in Wales.

The Red River, the Freshwater Fishing Paradise

Ferrario Roberto`s account of his visit to this famous Canadian hotspot.
(I have left this account unedited to capture the writers excitement)


Rick Warren`s account of his battle to catch big carp from a local lake

An American Carpier Learns New Lessons Catching Carp

A very interesting article about the experiences of an american angler and the world of carp fishing

A day I will remember for the rest of my life

A very interesting Story about a special days fishing by William James

Carp on the Fly

Superb article by Julian Young on the difficult technique of catching carp with Fly tackle

Carping in Cyprus

Some great info on how to catch carp on the beautiful island of Cyprus

A Second Chance for a Carps Friend

A neat story from American Carping hero "oatmeal" Jack

A Season to Remember

A great description of the headaches of catching big carp from hard waters.

Particle Baits

A really good article by Adam Ellis about various particle baits

Carp Session 97

A great article by Rick Warren about session fishing

Gold upon Gold

An excellent article about the carp mecca Redmire from Alan Tomkins

Tales from Oblong Pool - Vince & the Midnight Crawler

Part one of an interesting story of people and places


A great article about an increasingly more popular method of catching carp

Carp Fishing Story by Bernie

A nice little story sent in by a carpnet visitor

Carp Fishing in the Past By H. D. Yarbrough

Tales of a long since gone lake

Niagara Whirlpool Session By Steve, Carpsava in Canada

A must read story about fishing for carp near niagra falls

Earlswood Lake Record Holder

A great story about a once in a lifetime fishing trip

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