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Writing for Carp Net

Thanks for your interest in writing for Carp Net. We are looking for good quality articles on carp fishing . It can be any type of article . you could write about your fishing experiences , you could write a bait or technical article or even a "how to" article , anything will be considered.

The Benefits

By writing for Carp Net your article will be seen by thousands of anglers worldwide. Plus as an added benefit for every article that is published on Carp Net you get 1 Carp Net credit. If you accumulate 3 Carp Net credits you will get a FREE Carp Net T-Shirt.

What do we Want ?

We are looking for articles of at least 500 words , with some photos and diagrams if possible(we can scan them). Dont worry if you dont have much experience of writing , just write the article as you would tell a story or try to explain something to someone. The people here at the carp fishing network can help you organize any articles before they are published. If you interested give us an e-mail at Carp Net

Im also looking for someone to write a regular column either weekly or monthly , if interested contact me at Carp Net

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