Earlswood Lake Record Holder

Earlswood Lake Record Holder

After the basic struggle to the bank with the so-called essential gear, i dropped all my stuff to the floor. I had a quick gaze over the surface of the lake and took one deep breath of fresh early morning air.
I immediately tackled up a feature finder set up to find the contours of the lake bed. we were fishing our local lake, Earlswood, we planned a day night session. i had had a few doubles and a twenty and was feeling very confident. after about 20 minutes of plumbing and bouncing the lake bed. I found a small ledge about 60 yds from the bank. i cast to it and left the set up as a marker float. in went 3 kg of nash monster pursuit boilies followed by a kilo of partiblend. i had made a few adjustments to my last trip. i had purchased some Diawa sensitron bite alarms and the supa pod from fox. i threaded a 3oz korda onto the line along with some anti tangle tubing. out came the rig bin. a 10 inch hooklength with two nash tangee squid boilies, one a pop up and one a bottom bait. i casted to the ledge and placed the rod onto the pod set up. the other two were identical set ups but one with a monster pursuit boilie and one with a solar tackle milk mix boilie. one i put in the middle of the baited area and one on the edge. so i had a sort of fan set up. two on the edges and one in the middle. so up went the bivvy and the bedchair. after a quick tidy up i sat in my bivvy. i was joined a by a few mates about and hour later and they tackled up in the two surrounding swims. an hour passed before my left hand rod raced away. i grabbed the rod and wound down before striking hard upwards, nothing........... in came the rig and a new boilie put on. an identical cast and it was back where it was. i catapulted a few more boilies out and i waited.3 hours passed, nothing. Gary, my mate had hit into a big fish. i grabbed the net and assisted him. he battled against his fish for a good 30 minutes before i netted the little bugger. it was a lovely common of about 20lbs. she went 19 06 on the ruebon heatons and after a quick photo session she went back in.

I sat by my rods all day, nothing, i decided it was time for a change. in went 3 kilos of 8mm trout pellets and a few more boilies. the boilies were replaced by nutrabaits cream cajouser boilies, which fish well over heavy baited areas. an hour passed and the middle rod was away into the distance, i jumped up and grabbed the rod and struck, solid.... yes!!! i was helpless as this fish steamed of. the fish was about 110 yds from the bank when i decided it was time to clamp down hard, so the pressure was applied, but she didn't even move, she just sat there on the bottom. 10 minutes later the pressure got to much for her and she began moving towards me. i wound down hard and applied some steady pressure, she bolted off and my clutch screamed. i managed to retrieve a lot of line and i had her about 20 yds from the bank, she turned on the surface, she was a big fish. i had her at my mercy, she struggled to fight against the pressure of a north western kevlite 3lb test curver, gary slipped the net under her, yes!!! one look at her and i felt very queasy. i removed the hook from the scissors of her mouth and carried her with a great deal of difficulty, to the weigh sling. onto the scales.. 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 i began to feel faint.. 32 33 34 35 35 08!!! thirty five pounds of earlswood common !!!

I had accomplished my mission, i had caught the lake famous resident, chubby at a record weight of thirty five pounds and eight ounces. after a few hundred photos i slowly let her swim away after one last look at this monster fish. she slowly slid out of my hands and back into the depths. i jumped into the lake in celebration!!!. but i still had 12 hours of fishing left, so out went the rod to the same spot . at about 01:00 the right rod zoomed away. i struck hard, a healthy bend appeared on the rod. i was in again. my mates wandered over to see what all the commotion was. twenty minutes later another big un' was in the net. she went 21 12 , she was a nice mirror, but she was only a minnow compared to my earlier escapade. i released her after a few snaps. i sat outside that night, amongst the insects and watched the sun come up over the horizon. 8 o clock and it was time to go. i wound all the rods in and fired in some more bait as i planned to return to that spot in a couple of days for another session. so victorious as i was, i trundled away from earlswood the lake record holder, i stuck all the gear in the boot and we drove off. winners............


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