Fishing at Llyn y Gors

Fishing at Llyn y Gors
by Phil Baillie

Briefly, Last year I visited Llyn y Gors in Anglesey with one son ( I have four) and achieved a certain amount of success which set the balling rolling for my three sons ages now 13,12, and 7.

We visited Llyn y Gors again during the week prior to Easter this year and hired an onsite cottage for four which was extremely clean and had all the necessary equipment including central heating. The site has four lakes, childrens, match, mixed and specialist carp lake. It also boasts a very well stocked tackle and bait shop, the staff and owner of which are so kind to the children it is amazing.

The first afternoon we arrived we started fishing straight away and had instant success with the boys all catching on the childrens lake. My 7 yeard old caught a small mirror to his instant delight which set everything off and really, they never stopped catching fish. Then, I myself after having unloaded the car etc etc ,went to the mixed lake and caught a ghosite at around 3lb on my very first cast. This was followed by other fish around the 1.3 - 2.5lb mark.

The rest of the evening was spent planning our attack on the fishing for the following days. Needless to say, the boys were out by 6.30a.m. and were set up and fishing by 7.00. Weather was good and we all enjoyed a good days fishing.number one son won on numbers and I won on weight with a bag of 18 various carp, common , leather and ghosties totaling around 40-45lb. Best day of my life fishing to date. All the boys caught in good numbers fishing the match lake.

Next day was Good Friday at which time there were a lot more people there but we all fished and the day belonged to no.2 son whose bag topped the scales at 7lb with several other fish making up a bag of around 15lb. Roger the owner of the site was so impressed by his efforts that he took photo's and included my two sons on a video which was shown at Angling 99.A picture of them both was also very evident. It was even more remarkable considering the weather at the time which was absolutely bucketing down. No.3 son (7yrs) also caught fish but not in the same number as day before. I myself had to be content with 4 or 5 quite nice carp.

Final day meant split up of children, no.1 and no. 3 fishing together on match lake which proved to be outstanding for them catching all types, carp, orfe, tench, roach rudd and more. S reasonable weight and very good fun for the boys. No. 2 and I fished the mixed lake with some good success but it was not out turn that day.

At the end of the holiday, we sat down and decided that it had been one of the best we had had, fishing that is. In the 15 months prior to this we had fished on the Gulf of Mexico and on the Barrier Reef in Oz with good success and it really difficult to choose.

On the plus side, I was really pleased with the attitude of the staff at Llyn y Gors when it came to helping my boys and giving advice (even to me I hasten to add) There was no attitude problem towards the boys even by other anglers at the site, most of whom were regulars. Roger, the owner, came round and chatted to anglers during the day and offered advice and encouragement to the boys and nothing was too much. When one considers the problems facing young children today, I could not praise Roger too much.

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