Big Carp is a UK based monthly magazine which is edited and published by Rob Maylin.It cost approx 3.95 uk pounds per issue again with a good saving if you take out a subscription . It is very much a UK orientated magazines with features on the latest big fish waters and catches . It is about 120 + pages each issue including advertising. I do enjoy reading this mag quite a lot but i do wish that Rob would write more in the mag . As anyone would know who has read his books will know he is an excellent writer with a very down to earth and easy style to read . Not only that but his big fish catches on some of the countries hardest waters speak for themselves ! If you want to publish an article or get a subscription use the following address.

Rob Maylin
Bountyhunter publications
65 The Quantocks
MK45 1TG
Tel/Fax 01525 715728

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