Making Cheap Boilies! For Carp Fishing

Making Cheap Boilies!

The one thing I have found in fishing all these years from waters both in the UK and abroad is that you dont have to spend a fortune on bait to catch big carp. I have experimented a lot in the past with various baits but for the past four years i have used the same bait for all my boilie fishing.

The base mix consists of:

8oz of yellow semolina

6oz of fishmeal

2oz of Robin Red

plus mixed spices

The flavors consist of:

5mls of Megaspice (Rod Hutchinson)

5mls of Seedbait Sense Appeal(Rod Hutchinson)

12 drops RH1 Oil (Rod Hutchinson)

20 mls of Fish feed inducing oil (local trout farmer)

Heres a nice English thirty , one of many large carp caught on this bait

The semolina can be purchased from any pasta factory or large bakery. I pay about 9 UK pounds for a 25 KG (55 pounds) sack The fishmeal can be purchased from any animal feed supplier(about 10 UK pounds) per sack. Get the one intended for animal feed only ! I use chilean fish meal which is a mixture of anchovy and sardine. Robin Red is a brand name for a UK birdfood from Haiths of cleethorpes,Lincs. It contains spices and red peppers amongst other things. It is used as a colour food for show birds , when they eat it, it colours their plumage!. The fish feed inducing oil is put only in the hookbaits in winter. When the temperature drops the oil tends to thicken (increased viscosity). The attractors are added to 6 (size 2) eggs then the powder is added until you make a dough that no longer sticks to your fingers. Be careful as to not add too much powder , if it is too dry you wont be able to roll it . You can either roll the balls out by hand (which takes a long time!) or you can use a bait gun which extrudes the bait in one long sausage of a set diameter (i use 14ml baits) The sausages are then rolled out using rolling tables (Gardner tackle) The baits are then boiled for 2mins , normally about 100 at a time to keep the water at boiling point. The baits are left out to dry on towels or cloth (i leave them overnight before freezing them or using them) You can normally get 2 pounds (1 KG) of baits per 6 egg mix The hookbaits (18mls) are rolled around cork balls to make them pop-up. I dont use critically balanced baits , infact i overweight them quite a bit as i feel it helps the rig i use work better!

Tips on Making your own Boilies

I know that some people reading this will not be in the UK so here is some places to look for bits and pieces.Health food shops are my number one choice as they have all sorts of good things from Soya flour(cooked)which is a good bulk ingredient (rolls slightly better than semolina but makes a softer bait!) , dried brewers yeast, use as an attractor with only 1-2oz per pound of dry mix. Look for spices such as paprika and cinnamon.If you can get hold of maize meal , this is a fantastic bulk ingredient as it makes the baits very dense (good for flowing rivers!) and also very hard (stops the little fish pecking at the baits!) A lot of the harder ready made boilies contain Maize meal and whey proteins to make them selective towards carp. Also look for attractors such as the essential oils used in aroma therapy. Some are good ,some are rubbish.One of the best is Black Pepper followed by Geranium .Use these oils in very small amounts, normally 12-24 drops per 6 eggs. Sometimes health food shops carry a bodybuilding section. Look for liquid amino acids. They normally say on the bottle extract of liver and spleen. If you cant get that , liquid liver is just as good. Use these at 5-20mls per 6 egg mix depending on concentration. Infact powdered liver is an excellent attractor in its own right but very expensive.Its best used at 1oz per pound of dry mix. Local pet shops have excellent bits and pieces from Birdfoods(softfoods made from eggs and spices are best) or various cat and dog snacks that can be ground and mixed in place of the fishmeal. Infact a lot of the (fishy) cat snacks contain fishmeal! Also have a look at some of the snacks that float as you can catch carp on the surface with these. Also dont forget to look out for all the various seeds and pulses that can be used while you are there. Supermarkets are very underrated but contain loads of great carp baits and ingredients. Toasted sesame oil is a great attractor put in at 15mls per 6 egg mix. Look in the spice section there's some great bits and pieces there. They normally sell bottles of flavors, use only small amounts 3-5 mls per 6 egg mix . (if you use too much it will act as a repellant!) When using flavors a certain amount of experimentation is needed to get the best result.Always start on the low side then increase the dossage a little bit every trip.But be careful as more flavour does not equal more carp!

My Boilie Mix in the USA

Nearly all these ingredients were bought from local health food shops and supermarkets .

10oz semolina

6oz soya flour

Brewers yeast

mixed spices

20 drops black pepper oil

4 mls of maple flavors

four medium eggs

If you want to make cheap boilies use yellow semolina as the bulk ingredient. The best place to get it from is any PASTA factory or anywhere they make pasta (not ITALY !) They will normally sell you a 25KG (55 pounds) sack for very little money just to get rid of you. One tip is Don't tell them what you want it for or you could spend the next three years of your life explaining about carp fishing ! fa you cant get hold of semolina the next best thing is SOYA FLOUR, the cooked variety seems by far the best! Health food shops and supermarkets are a great places for bits and pieces. The spices such as paprika and cinnamon are excellent additives If you mix 10oz of semo with 6oz of soya flour with eggs, flavor and col our, you will get boilies just like ready mades :-) By adjusting this mix with bits and pieces you can make any type of mix you require Black Pepper is an essential oil , you can get it from any health food shop.(its used in aromatherapy!) Its quite expensive , about 7 dollars for a tiny bottle but you dont use much so it will make at least 10 mixes of Boilies.

Heres what the boilies should look like !

Heres a little missouri carp caught on the above boilies

You can also catch Catfish with boilies !


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