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custom graphics by CarpNet Internet Consultants What can we do for you ? custom graphics by CarpNet Internet Consultants

custom graphics by CarpNet Internet Consultants

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If you Don`t have a Website !

We can give you a presence on the web at very little cost plus we dont just leave you to fend for yourself as most web design firms do !
We offer genuine support and help , not only in designing your site (which in our opinion is the easy part) but marketing your site so customers can find you.
The major difference between us and other design firms is we are all anglers , we know what anglers want to see ! , we also understand what you want.
Another problem we have been told about is "techno-babble" , Don`t worry we talk English here not some cryptic language .
We are not here to baffle anyone , we are here to work with you !

Heres a summary of what we offer

  • Full web site design
  • Hosting on our fast virtual server
  • Internet marketing advice
  • Support when you need it !
  • We could go into vast detail about what we can do for you but we would rather talk to you one on one. It costs nothing to talk to us ! Please contact us today about getting on the web ! (see the contact details at the bottom of the page)

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    If you already have a Website !

    Having your own web site is just the starting point in your internet marketing strategy.
    You could have the greatest site in the world but if nobody can find you then all your hard work and effort has been wasted.
    The internet is a wonderful medium , it is possible to advertise your site in hundreds of places for FREE !!!!!!!!
    We can do all the work for you with our vast experience in this field.
    We 100% guarantee that we will vastly increase the number of visitors to your site.
    We can also advise on a strategy to keep visitors coming back.
    We can submit your site to over 350 search engines and directories.

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    We also have a full custom graphics and programming service to help make your website more professional.
    You will notice that all the graphics on our site are custom made by us , not the generic graphics "borrowed" from the web
    If you need something special let us know !

    Contact Details

    The fastest way to contact us is via e-mail at Carp Net

    Phone and Fax

    Tel- (from the UK add 001) 573-364-1649

    Fax- (from the UK add 001) 573-364-0104

    You can leave your name and number and we will ring you back so you don`t have to pay for our FREE consultation
    Postal Address


    CarpNet Internet Consultants
    9`St Leonard`s Rd
    NR1 4BT

    North America

    CarpNet Internet Consultants
    808 South Rolla St

    Don`t hesitate to contact us , it costs nothing to enquire.

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