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Carp Fishing FAQ - Introduction

This article is Copyright (c) 1996 with all rights reserved, by the Carp Fishing FAQ Maintainer (see Below). It may be freely distributed on the Internet in its entirety without alteration provided that this copyright notice is not removed. The carp fishing FAQ may NOT reside at another web site (use links, please) other than at the URL below, without the permission of the Maintainer(s).

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The term "Maintainer" is synonymous with the term "Author".

Current Maintainer: Peter Dawson Peter Dawson

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About the Carp fishing FAQ

This is only the beginning. This document is growing very fast, so check it regularly there might be something of interest added . If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, contributions, or what ever please feel free to contact the maintainer.

Nothing in this Carp fishing FAQ can be regarded as the truth, it is only a collection of opinions collected from the carp-l mailing list. Please read the copyright and the disclaimer.

The FAQ was last updated 09/04/96

Master Index

  1. Introduction
    1. About Carp-l
    2. About the Carp fishing FAQ
    3. Master Index
  2. Carp
    1. Where do Carp Come from ?
    2. What Carp Breeds Are there?
    3. So What is Carp fishing about ?
    4. How Can I Guessing the weight ?
    5. Are there any tips on handling Carp ?
  3. Carp fishing Tackle
    1. Carp fishing Rods
    2. What should I look for in a carp rod ?
    3. What is a Test Curve ?
    4. Carp fishing Reels
      1. What types or reels are suitable for carp fishing?
      2. How should I load my reel ?
      3. What difference to bearings make ?
      4. What about front / rear drag control ?
      5. Can handle length vary ?
      6. How can I tell the Line capacity ?
      7. What are gear ratios ?
      8. What are "Baitrunner" reels ?
    5. Line
      1. What type of line are there ?
      2. Tell me about Mono Filament
      3. Tell me about Braid
      4. Tell me about Fussion
      5. What line strength should I use ?
    6. Hooks
      1. What kind of hook should I use ?
      2. Does hook color matter ?
      3. Do Barb-Less hooks make a difference ?
    7. Bite Indicators
      1. What are Bite indicators ?
      2. Why are Bite indicators necessary ?
      3. What are Monkey Climbers ?
      4. What are Swingers ?
      5. What's the story on Electronic Indicators ?
    8. Misc
      1. What is PVA ?
      2. What are Anti-tangle Devices ?
      3. What are Brake Lights ?
      4. What are Throwing Sticks ?
  4. Techniques
    1. Tell me about Water Craft
    2. Can you Fly Fishing for Carp ?
    3. Rigs
      1. What are Hair Rigs ?
      2. What is the Hair Rig Knot ?
    4. Float Fishing
      1. When do I strike
    5. Other Techniques
      1. What is "OFF THE TOP" ?
  5. Bait
    1. What are Boilies ?
    2. Tell me about making Boilies
    3. What are Particles ?
    4. How Do I prepare Particles ?
    5. What are Paisties?
    6. What else can be used as bait ?
    7. Where can I find some bait recipies?
    8. What is the controversy over patateos
    9. hat are Tiggors and Attractors
    10. What are Propylene glycol, Iso-propanol , diacetin ect ?
    11. What are Amino Acids
    12. Can you catch Carp on "Live Baits" ?
  6. Weather
    1. What is the best weather for fishing ?
    2. How does rain affect fishing ?
    3. What about warm weather ?
    4. What about Cold Weather
    5. Does Barometric Pressure have any effect ?
    6. Does the moon influence fishing for carp ?
  7. Location
  8. Misc
    1. Carp-l members web sites
    2. Other carp fishing web sites
    3. Carp fishing Books
    4. Carp fishing Magazines
    5. Societies, Groups, and Authorities
      1. CAG Carp Anglers Group

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