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  1. Locating Carp
    1. Depth
      1. What Depth do you find Carp
      2. What an effect how deep Carp go ?
    2. Wind
  2. Locations to fish
    1. Can any one suggest some places to fish in ……..
      1. Belgium
      2. USA
        1. California,
  3. Special Locations
    1. Lake St Cassien
      1. What makes Cassien so perfect ?

7. Locating Carp

7.2 Depth

7.2.1 What Depth do you find Carp

As a general rule, during the warmer parts of the year large carp are very much at home in shallow water. I've often seen carp around 20lb feeding in water little more than a foot deep. Carp tend to look for warm water, so a rough guide would be to fish shallow water during the warmer months and deep areas through the winter. A quiet, weedy bay with about 3' of water and just enough on-shore breeze to ruffle the surface takes a lot of beating for summer carping!

7.2.2 What an effect how deep Carp go ?

A limiting factor on the depth at which you might find carp would be the depth of the thermocline. During the summer months, the deep reservoirs typical of the Ozark region stratify by temperature, with a pillow of warm, well-oxygenated water floating on top of a body of much colder water underneath. The two bodies of water don't mix much. Organic decay eventually depletes the oxygen in the lower layer of water, which makes it tough for fish such as flatheads and carp to survive for long in that layer. We generally see them congregated just below the line of temperature difference (the thermocline), where they can quickly move up into the warmer layer to feed or breathe. In the winter, when falling surface temperatures equalize the temperature between the two layers, mixing again becomes possible, oxygen reaches the depths, and fish can go where ever they like.

7.3 Wind

7.2 Locations to fish

7.2.1Can any one suggest some places to fish in ……..


Kempisch Kanaal - near Mol in Belgium is the source of the Belgian record..



The closest river to Los Angeles to have carp in it is the Colorado river, but don't try later in the year because is too hot. Quail Lake or the Puddingston reservoir is known to have Carp. The Big Bear Lake a high altitude lake 4750 ft approx. (2000 m) surrounded with 8000 ft peeks (2500 m) one of the closest ski area of So. CA. a good trout fishing and in the summer good carp fishing lake for some of us carp fisherman but for the majority of others

Special Locations

Lake St Cassien

What makes Cassien so perfect ?

One thing that we need to keep in mind is that western Europe has uniquely warm temperatures for such northern latitude, thanks to the beneficial effects of warm ocean currents. Paris is at the same latitude as southern Canada, but with warmer average temperatures. If Cassein does represent perfect conditions for big carp, it may not be possible to find the same combination of day-length and average temperature anywhere else in the world. Adding an element of science to our search certainly can't hurt, though. I believe the reasons why cassein is the perfect enviroment for carp growth is not purely temperature related. Spain has a lot better temperatures but the fish dont reach as big weights. here are the reasons i believe they atain such big wieghts. 1 there is a big influx of cold water (ice) from the mountains every year which gives a high fry mortality rate . " The temperature is ideal for enough of the year to let the carp have maximum growth without undo food competition. 3 cassein contains large crayfish , which when the carp reach a certain size make a plentiful meal. i think its no suprise that the further north you go in America the bigger the carp. I get the feeling this harsh winter may have done some good in producing large carp for the future.

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