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  1. Carp-l members web sites
  2. Other carp web sites
  3. Carp Books
  4. Magazines
  5. Societies, Groups, and Authorities
    1. CAG Carp Anglers Group

8.1 Carp-l Member's Web sites

Julian Young
Joe Fagen
Steve Hill
Mike Keyes
Peter Dawson
Harry's Fishing Page
Tom Conner's Fishing Page

8.2 Other Carp Web Sites

Magnus Ugander

8.3 Carp Books

Author Title Publisher ISBN
Andy Little Gravel Pit fishing - -
" Big carp - -
" Carp Now and then - -
Aalbert Romp A Romp with Carp - -
BB Confessions of a Carp fisher - -
The Carp Society Carp hunters - -
Chris Ball History of Carp Fishing - -
Chris Yates The Secret Carp - -
" Casting at the Sun - -
" 'A Passion For Angling' - -
" 'The Deepening Pool' - -
Jim Gibbonson Carp (osprey) - -
" Modern Carp fishing - -
" Big water Carp - -
" Carp Sense - -
John Harry Savay - -
John Bailey and Martin Page The Quest for the Queen - -
" Carp waters - -
John Wilson Carp (angling times series) - -
Julian Cundiff Modern Carp fishing - -
Practical Carp Fishing
Kevin Clifford Redmire Pool - -
" Carp fishing (master fisherman series) - -
Kevin Maddocks Carp Fever - -
" In Pursuit of Carp and Catfish - -
Peter Mohan Carp fishing - -
" Cypry the Carp - -
Ritchie McDonald Ritchie on Carp - -
Rob Maylin Tiger Bay - -
" Fox Pool - -
" Carp (carp in depth series) - -
" Basil's Bush - -
Rod Hutchinson Carp - -
" The Carp Strikes Back - -
" Carp Now and then - -
Rod Hutchinson's Bait Book
Tim Paisly Carp in Focus - -
" Carp fishing - -
" Big Carp - -
" Carp Season - -
" Carp amid the Storm - -
Tales From the Bivvy
Tony Whieldon Carp Fishing
Zenon Bojko Zenon Bojko's Rig Book
- - - -

8.4 Magazines

"Big Carp"

Bounty hunter Publications, The acorns, Woburn close, Flitwick, Beds MK45 1TE, England


COMAG Magazine Marketing, Tavistock road,West Drayton Middlesex UB7 7QE,England

Tel (UK) 01895 444055

8.5 Societies, Groups, and Authorities

8.5.1 CAG Carp Anglers Group

The Carp Anglers Group (CAG) exists to teach and promote fishing for the "Queen of the River" (Walton) and is the only organization of its kind in North America. It is a non-profit group administered by an elected board and officers with districts throughout the United States and Canada. They have an overseas district filled (primarily) with Europeans. The Carp Anglers Group is recognized as the North American specimen club for carp by the Carp Society in England and is especially strong in the Mid-west and Eastern parts of the United States. There is a strong Canadian component centered in Ontario and we have 25 members in Europe. A good start in just a few years (and on no budget).

For more details contact Tom Feeny at

or checkout their home page at

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