The Malc Rooker Column

The Malc Rooker column

November 97

This is the first column from me here in England, what I will try to do is monthly give you up to date news on fish caught, new tackle especially for the carp angler and a few tips or hints if I can think of any. You can of course write to me at my e-mail address at the bottom of this page with any comments that are relevant. I may well run a question and answer page if there is a call for one, so don't forget to send me your comments.

With winter approaching , carp fishing is getting harder and the nights longer and colder, but a few fish are still coming to the bank. The Carp Societies water Horseshoe Lake is still producing some fish each weekend, John Terry had a new personal best at twenty seven pound twelve ounces last week his only fish of the weekend. He did get covered in mud when he fell over trying to hit another run but it's best if you don't ask him about it.

Other twenties have been landed but it is getting harder each week as winter takes hold. Wintons fishery produced it's first forty, a mirror of 40 lbs 4oz to Charles Sellers, well done mate. Keith Fugill took his fourth forty in a little over a year when he landed a big mirror of forty seven pound fifteen ounces, not a bad year was it.

Frampton lake is still producing fish, Birminghams Baz Griffiths landed Yo Yo at thirty eight pounds twelve ounces, he's still catching them after all these years.

Bluebell lakes are producing big fish as well, a near forty pound common to Terry Stock, not a bad result from a day ticket water, other reported fish to thirty four pounds.

Over on the continent a big common of nearly fifty pounds has been landed, more on this next month.

Paul Forward landed the seventh biggest ever English fish when he caught the fish know as Chop Dorsal at fifty three pounds four ounces. That is a few of the notable fish caught in recent weeks here, not all by any means, if I missed you out this month, sorry

Tackle wise there has not been much that is totally new but there have been many changes and more of the same things. Shakespeare have produced a new one man cypri dome, well worth looking at this.

Another bite indicator is available from Solar. The "Dangler Ball Chain" is a variation again of the monkey hanger type indicator and is to the usual Solar standard of manufacture.

As it's winter time perhaps a mention of clothing wouldn't go amiss, for the cold nights Sundridges Bivvy Suit looks a must, it has a waterproof outer quilted fabric and is breathable, a good buy at about ninety pounds. The polar suit from the same company is my favorite over suit but it can get a bit warm if a long hike is needed to your swim.

On the bait front every one appears to be making some sort of pellet ready for next year, which ones will catch the most we will have to see. A useful accessory if you want to keep your bait free offerings tight to your hook must be the cold water fastnet pva bag from Gardner Tackle , especially designed with cold water in mind. try them and see how quickly they do dissolve in cold water compared to the normal pva.

If you are looking for a big reel for carp fishing, Daiwa reels seem to be coming down in price this month.

One tip this month. If using a bolt rig, make sure that the lead can easily be pulled free of the line in case of a break in the mainline.

Well there it is, my first column here, any comments are welcome and anything news worthy that you think worth sending , e-mail me at

The Malc Rooker column

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