The Malc Rooker Column

The Malc Rooker column

December 97

This is the second of my monthly columns, and it is winter time here in Europe when carp fishing gets even harder than in summer time. On the right days it is still worth giving it a go, especially if there is a sudden change in the weather conditions. Here in the U.K. a warm southerly or south westerly blowing hard and raising the temperature even with rain makes it a time to be out there, try it and let me know what you catch ?

As winter draws in most carp anglers start to think of next years fishing including trips abroad, but for the lucky few who decide to try a winter trip , Lake Cassien in the South of France is a prime target for a visit, the weather is more pleasant than Northern Europe and carp can be caught if you can find a good swim with all the anglers on the lake , especially at Christmas time ! At the beginning of this month several large fish were caught including a fifty six to Mike Laurence from north London, the going bait Mistral Honey Syrup.

The River Maas in Holland produced a near fifty last month and is a water that doesn't appear to get the pressure that other waters in Holland now get.

The River Soane in central France produced many big catches this last summer to anglers who could cope with the weed constantly flowing down stream, this September there were as many carp anglers in the Macon area as there were cat fish anglers, it was the cat fish anglers who caught the biggest fish this time with a number of fish over the hundred pounds mark

Old favourites like Lake Salagou will be on peoples lists for next Spring and when it produces more fifties as it did last year it might just start to become popular again and people may drive on past central France to this beautiful southern water.

On the tackle front Sundridges new two man bivvy is a good buy and large enough for two anglers easily , as is Hutchies new two man which has entry points at the rear as well as the front.

Not new but still a good seller are Century's Armalite carp rods which are a proven rod that casts well and is fairly unbreakable if you treat it with normal care. The newer Armalite SP looks and feels good, I will tell you more after I have tried it out properly over the coming few weeks as long as we don't get frozen in !

If you fancy a remote control boat Angling Techniques now will sell you a fish finder that sends signals from the boat back to the bank, should we all have one I wonder?

With such a large choice of alarms on the market there are a lot of bargains about at the moment here in England, so look about before buying.

On the fish front Hyde Lane has produced at least two forties possibly three in the last month. Savay Lake produced Mario at nearly forty two. Frampton Lake is still producing thirties, Jonathan Seagar landed a thirty four, Gary Wade a thirty seven and mike Willmot another thirty seven.. Orchid lake produced a couple of thirties, the best thirty four and three quarter to Phil Roots while Elstow pit gave up another thirty to Pete Robertshaw this fish nearly thirty eight pounds.

But it's getting harder as winter starts to bite and with snow threatened for us here in the U.K. it will get even harder for us all. This months tip, try using very little bait as free offerings in low water temperatures or even just a sole hookbait popped up off the bottom, if you are using P.V.A. make sure that it melts in the low water temperatures and always leave a gap between the bait on it.

Once again, anything news worthy you can E-mail me to my address at

The Malc Rooker column

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