The Malc Rooker Column

The Malc Rooker column

JAN 98

January as usual sees carp fishing at it's hardest with either very wet and windy weather or the carp fishers nightmare , water frozen solid.
What have you had?

This is the time of the year when carp anglers thoughts turn to the Spring trip abroad or the summers new waters. The magazines are full of destinations in France, both just fishing or fully escorted with everything supplied.
So what do you chose?
If you haven't fished abroad before it may well be that an escorted trip is best for you and if you are having to travel on your own this also may well be cheaper as well. The best places are already fully booked for this year but there might be cancellations so give them a call now. Les Quis, Dream Lake appear to be very good in all ways fully taking away any problems before they occur. Others like Rainbow only supply your fishing lake and facilities , the travel is down to yourself. If you are an experienced traveler the world is your oyster, but there are few lakes that are still to be discovered and if you are not well tapped into the grapevine your quiet French lake might not be so quiet when you get there. Legal night fishing is not available all over France and then if available might only be a small part of the lake and you could find people queuing behind you if your stay is drawing to it's end. The Gendarme still make night time visits if you are somewhere you shouldn't be, be warned.

Holland is a good place for a first trip abroad fishing, waters close to the ferries means very little driving and almost every one speaks English. Night fishing is legal between June and August and plenty of help is available on where to go. The fish are not as big as their French counterparts but twenties are in almost every water, all you have to do is catch them!

So what about your new local water, you should soon start looking around it before the weed starts growing and hiding everything from view. Look around noting any fish that you see and try a plumbing rod for depths and places that might hold carp. As the weather warms up look for cruising fish which might give you some idea of what the water holds. Don't believe everything that you are told about your new water as all of them appear to have a hidden hole or sand bar, don't believe this look for yourself or you might be fishing on a non existent feature.

I have tried out Century`s new SP Armalites which came with an awesome reputation for casting, It was the 13ft 3.5lb version which took the world sports casting record for four ounce weights and fixed spool reels recently. It casts an awfully long way but to my surprise played fish very well indeed, okay I haven't tried it with very big fish but it handled what I caught very nicely indeed. If distance is your priority buy some, you may not reach the distance reached in competition but 245yards is an awfully long way.

Carp fishing seems to be picking up after the New Year and more big carp are finding themselves on the bank having their photo's taken. lake Casien was a busy place over Christmas as usual, the biggest that I have heard of was over 60lbs but quite a few over 40lbs made the trip worthwhile for some lucky anglers.

A French friend of mine keeps asking if I know about this Romanian lake which is causing quite a buzz over in France, all I know is what I have read about it and it does produce many very large carp, 60lbs plus, more later if I cam find out positive information.

Many English thirties have been landed over the last few weeks but I haven't heard of any of the really big known fish being landed. I would have expected that the strong winds and milder weather would have stirred them up for a good feed, maybe the strong winds kept anglers off the waters.

A few people have asked about my own experience so I will tell you something here.

I owned a fishing tackle shop here in the U.K. for twelve years until September last year when I closed that down and started a specialist rod business supplying a full range of rods under the New Dawn banner, a page will be available on shortly.
I started carp fishing 33 years a go now, well before it was so popular and when a lot of people thought them uncatchable. Why you may ask, well as a keen sixteen year old I hooked something which had so much power that I could not believe what had happened, I was so impressed that I wanted more. "Wildie" I was told by a very knowledgeable local angler, I found out later that a wildie was a carp, I was hooked, I wanted more.
I was soon able to buy an old motorbike and having read all I could find out about my quarry, mostly from the writings of a certain Richard Walker I was off in pursuit of these wonderful fish. Bait was a part boiled potato, and the water was Billing Aquadrome which reputedly held very big carp indeed, it was also the only water within forty miles from home that I knew for certain held carp. A full season went by and I didn't even see a carp let alone catch one.
More reading and to a new water at Wolverhampton, Patshull Park, same bait, same results but I did see some this season. I was getting even more determined and sought out new waters. I found myself on The Electricity Cut at Peterborough, this was a hot water outlet from a power station and for once other carp anglers were on the water and I had someone to talk to about trying to catch carp. I saw my first carp on the bank shortly afterwards and I was even more determined to catch one for myself.
I had purchased two MK1V carp rods and two Mitchell 300 reels and spent every weekend on the banks. One day it happened, line poured off the spool and I struck into my first carp, eight pounds of mirror and I was the centre of attention, or was it the carp.
Five carp followed that season, five fish for three seasons of trying, boy was it hard in those days. As usual you can E-Mail me direct at

with any comments or questions regarding this page or even carp fishing in general, I may add some of these questions to next months page, Thank you for reading this and hope that you come back at the end of February for the next episode of my history and some of the latest news from here in the U.K.

The Malc Rooker column

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