What are Particle baits !

Particles baits cover such a wide area from beans to peas to seeds to chopped vegetables to childrens sweets !. Infact all kinds of pulses can be used . The list of particles that have caught carp at one time or another is so huge i wont even attempt to list them all . I will only list the ones i have experience of and rate their effectiveness accordingly



Tiger nuts are brown nuts and have a very rough texture.There effectiveness on some waters is brilliant but on others they can be poor. I think with tiger nuts there is a relationship between how many have gone in to a given water and how well they work. On some waters they need a while to be excepted as a natural food item . I know they are not as successful as regards instant action (when fishing in europe) as other well known particles . They are one of the hardest particles around and must be soaked for at least 24 hours and then boiled for 30 mins. I have found that if you leave the prepared nuts for 2-3days after boiling them they seem to work best. The water is turned a sort of milky white due to all the sugars in the nuts. I find the best way to present them is just to put two nuts on a hair rig for a straight bottom bait .If you want to make a pop-up (buoyant bait) I find it best to sandwich a piece of cork shaped like a nut between two nuts on a hair. This latter set-up has accounted for many big fish in the UK Even though i have my doubts as to the Tiger nuts instant attraction when compared to other particles , It must be noted that there record of catching large carp from the UK is very impressive !

PRESS HERE for a picture of prepared tiger nuts


This particle has attracted a lot of bad publicity in the UK and is banned on a number of waters. There are a number of problems if they are baited in large amounts. If the carp look upon them as natural food items they will become pre-occupied on the peanuts. The problem is that even though they are high in certain available proteins , they have a vitamin C deficiency which can lead to a drop in the carps health .This can only happen in the most extreme cases where stupid amounts of the nuts are going into overstocked waters. The main worry with the nuts is you must purchase the human grade type as the ones intended for feeding birds have a nasty habit of containing a toxic fungus (which you cant see).You have to ask yourself why do you think the nuts were graded for the birds !!!! I think Human grade peanuts are perfectly safe baited in reasonable amounts. The nuts themselves are a fantastic bait of which i have used two different varieties. There are the regular type and the american jumbo peanuts. The jumbo peanuts arnt that much bigger than the regular types but I find them superior in attraction to the regular type (only just!). The nuts are prepared by soaking for 24 hours then boiling for 20 mins. You can add an optional flavour but I have found that this is not needed as the nuts are very attractive to carp ! I have a local water which is a known "NUT" water in the summer , infact they blow boilies away by about 5 to 1 . It is a very easy water where 10 fish a day can be caught . It is my experience that only putting a few handfuls of particles around each hookbait is the most effective . I like to think as each particle as one bait (as you would with boilies) therefore I only rebait when I have had some action in the assumption that the hookbait is the last to be eaten.

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