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Review of Advanced Carp Fishing and Catchmore Carp

Review of Advanced Carp Fishing and Catchmore Carp

Carp Net was kindly sent two magazines by David Hall Publishing Group namely Advanced Carp Fishing and Catchmore Carp.

David Hall publishing is the UK`s largest independent publisher of fishing magazines and also one of the first to have a web presence. This shows their forward thinking and willingness to adopt new marketing strategies. You can click on the logo at the bottom of the page to visit their site where full subscription details are available on-line. (click the David Hall logo at the bottom of the page)


Catchmore Carp

Many moons ago when I had a proper job instead of being a part-time teacher and a PhD student , I used to buy quite a few different fishing magazines. Wow how things have changed ! (for the better i might add). Catchmore Carp seems to be aimed at the general carp angler who likes a good mix of technical and fishing stories. Although the emphasis is slightly more on technical and how-to articles than on fishy tales . They have articles by well known and respected carp anglers such as Jim Gibbinson , Paul Selman and John Baker as well as lesser known anglers. There is regular carpvine column which deals with whos catching what in the UK and where ! Plus a great mix of product reviews and general information articles. I also find some of the adverts quite entertaining and informative. I found this magazine a great read , infact I read it from cover to cover , which i havnt done with a magazine for ages. The quality of the magazine is absolutely superb being full colour from cover to cover and at 2.50 UK pounds per issue is very competitively priced when compared to the other UK carp magazines. There is a substantial discount available if you subscribe on-line at the David Hall website.


This magazine was my personal favorite of the two reviewed although both magazines were fantastic. This magazine contained articles by some of the best and most respected carp anglers and writers today. Rod Hutchinson has a regular "Hutchy Talks Carp" column which in my book is worth the price of the magazine alone ! But on top of that we have articles by Jim Gibbinson , Paul Selman , Ken Townley , Bob Roberts and Brian Skoyles . With this amount of carp experience and expertise on tap how can anyone not fail to learn something from this publication ? I particularly liked Bob Roberts article and editorial although I have never met him or talked to him he seems like an honest no BS type of angler who really knows what he is doing without getting involved in over complicated rigs and baits which just arnt necessary. The magazine is of the highest quality which runs to over 100 pages and is priced at 2.50 UK pounds per issue . Again a substantial discount can be had by subscribing at the David Hall website (click the logo at the bottom of the screen)

Advanced Carp Fishing


I cant give enough praise to these magazines and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone . Although these are UK based publications you can use the information contained to improve your catches no matter where you are in the world. The thing what impressed me the most about these magazines was that i didn't find any filler articles just good quality honest articles. I must admit in the past I have read articles that were obviously the figment of someones imagination , at best economical with the truth. Nothing like that was found in the two magazines I was sent for review just good honest , informative articles by some of the best Carp angling writers in the world. Click the logo below to visit the David Hall site for more information

David Hall Publishing

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