Basic Rigs and Tackle

Basic Rigs and Tackle

The Hair Rig

The hair rig was jointly invented by English carp anglers Kevin Maddocks and Lenny Middleton. The original concept was to tie a fine piece of line to the bend of the hook . You can read about the development of the rig in Kevins fine book "CARP FEVER' The thinking behind the idea was that with a fine line attached to the bait it made it behave more naturally . This may have been true to an extent but a lot of its success was down to the hook not being buried inside the bait. This made the set-ups more efficient and nervous twitch bites were replaced with screaming runs. This with the growth in bait knowledge around the time was the start of the growth of carp fishing in the UK and Europe . The hair rig and its many refinements without doubt changed how everybody in the UK carp fishes today.

With the rig you can use hard baits that you wouldn't be able to put on the hook (even if you did you wouldn't be able to strike the hook through the bait ! ) We have seen lots of changes to the concept with the slow evolvement of the hair rig. In time the hair has become shorter and shorter, where today it is just an extension of the shank of the hook

The best material for making the hair i find is unwaxed dental floss (johnson & johnson) as it becomes extremely soft and flexibly aiding to the efficiency of the hooking arrangement.

This is the standard hair rig setup with the tubing on the shank of the hook so the hair comes from the center of the shank .

You can use silicon rubber tubing or use shrink tubing(but dont use a naked flame or a hairdryer to shrink) use boiling water. This is IMHO the best way to set up a hair rig as it gives good efficiency and hookholds (depending on hook pattern). It seems to work best when the bait is a 1/4 inch from the bend of the hook

This next setup is an extension of the hair rig , it is called the pop-up rig.

This setup had tremendous success when first used (and still does !) on UK waters. The bait is made buoyant by adding a piece of foam or cork at the mixing stage or you can add lighter ingredients to the hookbaits and cook them to make them buoyant. The advantages of this rig are that it keeps the rig free from any bottom debris on the lake bed which may impare the hook. Also as the bait is light so the carp is suprised as it shoots into its mouth (compared with the heavier free offerings) thus panics the carp into bolting. With the hook being free from the bait this gives a good chance of pricking the carp so giving a screaming take . My own feelings are that its biggest advantage is that it give a degree of freedom no matter which direction the carp sucks the bait from. The weight can be a small splitshot , just big enough so the end tackle sinks slowly.

Some Basic Setups and Tackle

Here is the rig set up i use in the USA .PRESS HERE

Its just a basic hair rig with a three ounce lead (sinker). There is bead behind the lead with a sliding stop-knot. This is in case the line breakes while playing a hooked fish. This allows the lead to free from the line so the carp wont become snagged.please try and use safety rigs whenever possible !

This is what it looks like as you cast it out PRESS HERE

I have had several people ask me what a rod pod looks like so heres a picture of one PRESS HERE

I know of several people who have made there own . Its quite easy , give it a try !

When fishing try to use an unhooking mat as this protects the fish PRESS HERE

Unhooking mats can be easily made from a chunk of foam covered with a waterproof material (not rough ). You can also buy sleeping bag mats from any camping shop which will also protect the fish. Protecting the fish means that someone else can have the same pleasure catching the fish as you did. There's nothing worse than catching a tatty fish which has been mistreated.You never know , one day you might catch the fish again when its a lot bigger !

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