This is a once a year magazine published by Rod Hutchinson. It retails for about 5 uk pounds. It contains articles from the UK and Europe with about a 50/50 mix. It is mainly a catalog to advertise his products and new developments but contains lots of articles that dont contain any references to his products. I think in the world of big hype advertising , this shows something of the class of the man . You cannot help but be impressed by this mag as it is full colour all the way through and the articles are both informative and entertaining. I have used Rods flavours and products for as long as i can remember so maybe i am slightly biased. Although i have no connection with his company and dont know him at all , other companies have come and gone but Rods products have stood the test of time . For product information use the following

Rod Hutchinson Fishing Developments Ltd
Main road
LN11 8LL
Tel (01507) 609069
Fax (01507) 607069

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