My Tackle & Set-up


Pair 12 ft Tri-Cast ER 2.5 lb test curve , 5 rings plus tip (40 ml butt ring) (12ml SiC tip)

12ft Tri-Cast LEGEND 2 lb test (for floater and float fishing)

8 ft Jungle stick for close quarter stalking and pole vaulting !


Pair Shimano Aero Baitrunners GT4000

Shimano Biomaster Gt 8000 (for long range)


Three Optonic bite alarms with three Solar Sensors (swingers)


15 lb Sylcast (very reliable)

8 lb Sylcast on the Biomaster for long range


Drennan Boilee Hooks sizes 4 and 6 (for general boilie fishing)

For heavy work near snags Mustad O`Shaunasey (sp!) 2s to 6s

Also Drennan Super Specialist 2s to 6s


Rod Hutchinson`s THE EDGE 15 lb (it sinks nicely and is very reliable!)

I use unwaxed dental floss for the hair


I use the Helicopter Rig with tubing to protect the line. I also use tungsten putty around the tubing to make it stay along the bottom.


I use the Line aligner rig with the hooklength coming from the silicon tubing.

I fish pop-ups ALL the time , but fish them close to the bottom !


The picture above was taken in 1990 and i still have the much the same tackle today ! I dont tend to change the main parts of my tackle very much , tending to stick with what i know and can afford!
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